No Pledging, No Hazing

Drake SigEp is one of the only fraternity on campus that does not have a pledge process. Nationally, SigEp does not advocate a pledge process, as it fosters stereotypical traditions such as hazing and the belittling of younger members. Instead, the Balanced Man Program allows a more self-paced process in which members gain the same knowledge about the fraternity and sense of brotherhood that traditional pledge processes try to instill -- but new members have all the same privileges and rights as older members upon immediately entering the fraternity. Of course, like all other Drake fraternities, Drake SigEp stands strongly behind a no-hazing policy.

The foundation of the Balanced Man Program is comprised of the Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon challenges. These challenges are part of a continuous member development program that focuses on developing a brother into a better leader, scholar, athlete, and overall person. The ultimate goal of the program is to help brothers reach their maximum potential in college and to prepare them for successful careers.

Check out the digital version of the Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood below. This book is given (hard copy) to each new member, and provides further details about the Balanced Man program and the Fraternity.