The Recruitment Process

Like all other social fraternities at Drake, Sigma Phi Epsilon participates in a formal recruitment week each semester. We encourage all Drake men to partake in recruitment and discover what Greek Life has to offer. If you are interested in fraternity recruitment, pay attention to sign-up dates posted on campus or click here to sign up. If you have additional questions, contact our Vice President of Recruitment, Rahul Verma, at

Informal Recruitment

After the formal recruitment period has ended, Drake SigEp continues to recruit. Because SigEp does not have a pledge process, new members are allowed to join at any time -- not just during formal procedures. If you are interested in becoming a member of Drake SigEp, be sure to let us know by submitting an interest form on this website or contacting any member of the chapter -- especially the Vice President of Recruitment!

We Want You To Know

SigEp is the largest National Fraternity in the nation. While this is a claim that several fraternities make, SigEp has the largest active undergraduate membership, not the most chapters or total alumni. The bottom line is that there are more active SigEps in the country than in any other fraternity.

Drake SigEp is leaps and bounds ahead of all other campus fraternities. Check out the Why SigEp? and SigEp Stats pages under the About menu header to see how.

All of the brothers at SigEp are highly active on campus and in the classroom. The men of SigEp are willing to help anyone that is interested become more involved at Drake. Our brothers are close-knit, enjoy each other's company, and above all else encourage each other to simply enjoy the college experience. Through a strong mentoring system and the Balanced Man Program, our older brothers help our younger brothers academically and inspire them to get involved and stay involved on campus.